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Community partnerships strengthen YATC family

The YATC family grows every year as new graduates complete the program and as organizations in the community learn about the program. Forming community partnerships is a primary goal for YATC. Organizations that employ YATC graduates are a wonderful extension of these partnerships, and United Auto Radio & A/C and its owners Eddie & Diane Guary are welcome additions to the YATC family.

Eddie & Diane were introduced to YATC in 2018, when their daughter Laura Guary volunteered at the school as a mentor. Looking for well-qualified technicians for his own company, Eddie investigated YATC for potential employees. When he interviewed Markayle Fleming (Class of 2010), Eddie took note of Markayle’s solid technical skills but also trusted his instincts that it was a good fit. The following year, he added YATC graduate Paul Laura (Class of 2011) to the United team.

“It’s really worked out,” Eddie said. “They are very, very hard workers. They will take on anything and are very aggressive about learning. We lucked out.”

Markayle and Paul agree about the good luck.

“It’s a great job,” Markayle said. “It’s like working with your family.”

Paul echoed the sentiments, saying, “I love the job. Eddie gave me a chance. He treats everyone like family. He’s never judged me about my past. For that, I’m really grateful.”

Hiring YATC graduates with troubled pasts doesn’t worry Eddie, and YATC staff members hope more business owners are open to graduates who are working to change their lives.

“I’m looking to give these guys a chance,” Eddie said. “The bottom line is don’t judge a person because he’s had troubles in the past.”