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A Message From The Executive Director December 2020

Dear Friends of YATC:

Happy holidays to each and every one of you! If 2020 has taught us at YATC one thing, it is how fortunate we are to be surrounded by the generosity and care of the YATC community. We are all so grateful that despite the challenges that we have faced this year, YATC students, graduates and staff have all been safe and we have been able to continue working together. We were able to finish the program remotely with the Class of 2020 back in May, and safely begin instruction with the Class of 2021 this fall. Through it all, staff members (including me) are grateful to have been secure in our jobs — a true blessing for all of our families. Thank you to everyone who has supported YATC for making this possible!

As we leave 2020 and look hopefully toward the new year, YATC remains committed to serving our students and graduates in the best way we can. We hope the next year will be good to everyone in your families, as well.
Thank you to our Board of Directors, volunteers, donors and friends. Our best wishes for a happy, healthy 2021!