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Application #440
Application SubmittedJune 9, 2024, 2:13 pm
NameAbrian Arevalo
Address19935 NW 52nd Ct Miami Gardens FL 33055
Emergency ContactMarcela Arevalo
Emergency Number3054671399
Drivers LicenseYes
Grade Completed12th grade
How did you hear about YATC?Previous student
Automotive ExperienceNo
Where was your training?
Do you have a job?No
Place of Employment
Hourly Wage
Extra CommentsMy name is Abrian Arevalo and even since i was a kid I fell in love with cars.I find it fascinating on what a car can do when you put work into a car and see it work how it’s supposed to. I would love to learn at your school as it seems to be the best fit for me.