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Application #349
Application SubmittedOctober 16, 2023, 1:42 am
NameDarrell Vancela
Address808 NW Ninth ave Fort Lauderdale Florida 33311
Emergency ContactRicardo Joseph
Emergency Number(954) 558-7424
Drivers LicenseYes
Grade Completed12th grade
How did you hear about YATC?Previous student
Automotive ExperienceYes
Where was your training?G&S wheels and alignment
Do you have a job?Yes
Place of EmploymentBig kuz auto repair
Hourly Wage10$
Extra CommentsI am a 21 year old black male from the Turks and Caicos islands my name is Darrell graduated from championship academy highschool in 2021 , as you know since I’m from the islands it was hard to get around get a fair chance because of certain circumstances but I’ve over come those obstacles and I’m trying to make something out of myself since I graduated highschool in 2018 I worked at tire shops because at the time I couldn’t get any other job because I was an immigrant I saved up and had the right people in my corner to help me get my situation in the best shape I have obtained my documents this year and I’m fully ready to take advantage of all the knowledge I’ve been missing out of