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Application #331
Application SubmittedAugust 28, 2023, 4:23 pm
Nametyler bare
Address5850 comino del sol boca raton florida 33433
Emergency Contactnancy chijet
Emergency Number+1 (703) 408-3300
Drivers LicenseNo
Grade Completed10th grade
How did you hear about YATC?Previous student
Automotive ExperienceYes
Where was your training?helping friends work on cars, and tinkering with engines on my own
Do you have a job?Yes
Place of Employment2nd street bagel and deli
Hourly Wage$11
Extra Commentsive always liked cars and engines. How engines work and working on them is something that really interests me. I ride my bike a lot and would work on it myself, and working on my bike kick-started my interest in engines and mechanics.