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What Type Of Skills Will I Learn?

The YATC program includes three categories of learning. Each is of them is an important piece in the preparation of students for real-world challenges.

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Students receive intensive instruction in Automotive Theory and Practical Skills. Technical skills are taught in the classroom in both large and small group formats.  Students receive the most up-to-date technical training from staff members who are either National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Master Technicians or ASE certified mechanics.  

In addition, each day students spend time in YATC’s state-of-the-art automotive shop, receiving an extensive period of hands-on training that enables them to apply their automotive theory lessons and acquire practical experience in a working atmosphere.

Life Skills

Students participate two days per week in Life Skills classes.  These classes are designed to help students understand how to handle real life situations, familiarize students with current events and enable them to better comprehend issues in society and politics.  

Class topics include subjects such as job interview skills, resume writing, setting and achieving goals and health and wellness.  Field trips, guest speakers and other enrichment activities are offered monthly.


This individualized element of the YATC curriculum helps students improve academic knowledge based on each student’s needs.  Curriculums are designed by YATC’s two academic instructors to specifically address each student’s targeted areas for improvement based on their performance on the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE).  

Students who do not have a high school diploma are able to prepare for the General Educational Development (GED) Tests.  Those students who have a high school diploma from a nationally accredited high school will work to improve their general academic knowledge and enhance any areas of need.

Daily Schedule

8:30 to 10:00
Group Automotive Theory or Group Life Skills class
10:00 to 10:15
10:15 to 11:30
Small Group Academic class
11:30 to 12:00
Lunch (provided by YATC)
12:00 to 1:10
Small Group Automotive Theory class
1:10 to 1:20
1:20 to 2:30
Small Group Theory, Shop or Academic class

Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings the students have Automotive Theory class as a group. Tuesday and Thursday mornings, they have Life Skills class as a group.  

Daily class schedules are based on group assignments. Students are divided into three groups of 10 students. All students are required to participate in each class.

Charles Whitehouse, Lead Technical Instructor

Frequently Asked Questions

YATC supports a culturally diverse population, welcoming students ages 16-21 of any race, gender, nationality or ethnic origin. Students are referred to the school in a variety of ways, including through the Departments of Juvenile Justice and Children and Families, former graduates, local clergy and community recommendations. All students who attend YATC are, and must remain, drug free throughout the program.

The student application can be submitted online or by contacting YATC. Applications are accepted year-round, with 30 students selected each summer to participate in the September - May program.

The YATC curriculum includes intensive, hands-on automotive training, academic instruction, life management skills and career preparation. Classes are held Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. As part of the program, additional educational and enrichment activities are offered which include guest speakers and instructors, team building exercises, field trips, tutoring and mentoring, certification programs, college scholarships and community volunteer projects. Students also receive medical, dental and optical care, uniforms, a daily lunch and a professional tool set they can take with them after completing the program. YATC is unique in that its support does not end at graduation, but continues providing resources and opportunities for alumni and their families, including counseling and job placement assistance, to keep them on the right track.

YATC students are trained and assisted by experienced, professional instructors, advisors and administrative staff. In addition, a Board of Directors and an Advisory Board composed of community-minded citizens encourage and mentor students and graduates on their road to a successful future.

Thanks to YATC's generous donors and volunteers, the program's tuition, activities and materials are free for students.

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