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Application #356
Application SubmittedNovember 2, 2023, 3:59 pm
NameYourHae Ta
Address470 Ramona St Rochester Ny 14615
Emergency Contact
Emergency Number
Drivers LicenseYes
Grade Completed12th grade
How did you hear about YATC?Previous student
Automotive ExperienceNo
Where was your training?
Do you have a job?Yes
Place of EmploymentRidgemont Wagmans
Hourly Wage11
Extra CommentsHello, my name is Your Hae Ta, and I am in the 12th grade. This is my final year in high school. I took interested in cars and did some research for auto mechanic trade schools. I came across this program and I'm interested in it after exploring through your website. I've always been interested in cars and want to learn more about them and work on them. I want to look for opportunities for growth, and I've always wanted to work with cars and vehicles. Also, I want to improve my skills, learn more about vehicles, and obtain more understanding about them. I'm having difficulty finding a trade school for auto mechanics, and I'd like to provide an opportunity to motivate myself to work hard so that I may push myself to finish my final school year smoothly. I'd also like to meet new people and strengthen my connections and relationships. I am very interested in learning about automobiles. I'm not very good at writing about myself, but I hope this reaches you.