2017 March Car Tracks ED Message

A message from the Executive Director

Dear Friends of YATC:

Relationship building is a vital skill all adults need to navigate life. Learning effective communication skills, such as anger management and how to be good listeners, helps students better interact professionally and personally. Many children learn about relationship building as they develop, but not all YATC students come to the school with these skills fully tuned up. Through the YATC Life Skills curriculum, students learn about building and maintaining healthy connections with others.

As an organization, YATC believes in relationship building, too. It was an important part of the way our Founder Jim Moran built the school. We value our bonds with our donors, volunteers and board members tremendously. Having friends like you who support the school with your resources, time and talents reinforces the value of relationship building. Thank you for giving so much to YATC, as a contributor, volunteer, tutor, Advisory Board member or Board member. Without you, YATC would not be able to provide the unique services our students and graduates need as they move forward in their lives. Thank you from all of us at YATC!


Terry Routley