October 2015 E-newsletter

Executive Director Message

Dear Friends of YATC:

The new school year is underway and we are looking forward to great things from the Class of 2016. This year's selection process was as competitive as ever, and the staff worked diligently to ensure that the 30 new students were motivated and ready for the challenges of the program.

Speaking of motivation, there's a great sense of energy and purpose in the halls of YATC this fall. Along with two new staff members who joined the team recently, YATC's Advisory Board is re-energized with new initiatives and expanded responsibilities to support the staff in providing services and programs needed to give our students a "jump start" on life that Founder Jim Moran wanted. 

We are so fortunate to have the support of many talented volunteers who give their time and skills to benefit the students and graduates.  If you stop by the school one morning, you will probably find Lucy Torres here, smiling as always, and prepping lunch for the students to eat during their mid-day break.  You can read more about Lucy's special award in this newsletter, but she is only one of many who invest in the success of YATC. Whether serving on the Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Tutor Committee or helping with administrative tasks, these individuals are really part of the heart and soul of YATC. Thank you for all you do for the kids!

Terry Routley

YATC's 37th class begins program

YATC's newest class began the program in early September with a warm welcome from staff, board members and Jan Moran, wife of Founder Jim Moran, who gathered to wish the new class well.

While the 30 new students each have their own stories and challenges, they join more than 650 graduates who have completed the program successfully since it began in 1984. YATC's individualized approach to assisting students and graduates has laid the foundation for an impressive overall success rate of more than 90% of alumni who are employed, continuing their studies or serving in the military while they build their lives as law-abiding, contributing members of our community. 

Best of luck to the Class of 2016!

Super Big Heart volunteer award

YATC Founder Jim Moran often talked about "giving back" to the community. It was an important part of his life and became part of the foundation of the YATC program when it was founded in 1984. His passion for helping others inspired the creation of the Super Big Heart Award, which was awarded this fall to a special volunteer whose dedication to YATC is remarkable. 

Luz "Lucy" Torres spends nearly every morning of the school year working quietly to make the school day both productive and pleasant for the students. Torres, pictured above right with YATC Coordinator Carol Flemke, makes sure the lunchroom and the meal is laid out for students each day. For many of the students, YATC's lunch is the only guaranteed, healthy meal they will have, and Torres ensures they receive it with a serving of warm, caring words, too. After volunteering at the school for more than eight years, she says the "family" atmosphere of YATC, the supportive staff and, of course, the students keep her coming back. 

The YATC family is grateful to Lucy and congratulates her on this well-deserved recognition!

New staff member joins YATC

YATC is pleased to welcome new staff member Daniela B. Daniela, YATC's new Database Specialist, brings a great deal of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm with her. Everyone at YATC is happy to add this talented professional to the staff roster. 

Please stop by to say hello to Daniela when you visit the school next time!

Remembering our Founder

"I believe the reason we have been so successful with the program is because of the special, personal attention we give our kids. We have a dynamic board, the best teachers and staff in the business, plus caring mentors and guest speakers. They all give 100 percent to these kids and their families. That's what it takes to help turn these kids' lives around."