2013 September E-Newsletter

A Message from the Executive Director

Dear Friends of YATC:

When the calendar page turns to September, maybe you start to think about new beginnings like I do. This is a time to think about new routines and goals. YATC is all about fresh starts, so when a new class enters the program, we all have the opportunity to refresh our mindsets and begin again in many ways.

Our staff carefully selected this year's 30 students from a pool of 150 referrals and 100 applicants. After interviewing more than 70 candidates multiple times, they were chosen based on individual needs, expressed desire to change their lives and vocational interests.

With the direction and support of our talented staff members, dedicated volunteers, committed board members and generous sponsors, the Class of 2014 will benefit from all that YATC has to offer. They will receive individualized attention, assistance and mentoring so they can begin to reach for their own potential. Our Founder Jim Moran said it best, "The future belongs to those who prepare for it. Let's prepare our kids for a better future." That is what we strive for every day at YATC!

Sincerely, Terry Routley

YATC launches program year for 35th class

YATC was proud to welcome the members of the Class of 2014 to the program on September 3. In addition to learning schedules, setting expectations and getting to know both staff and fellow classmates, the students had the opportunity to meet several members of YATC's leadership team. Above, YATC Board of Director Colin Brown, president and CEO of JM Family Enterprises, Inc., greeted Isaiah McClam (left) and Devante McLendon (with Jarad Boykins in background). Other board members and Jan Moran, wife of YATC Founder Jim Moran, talked to the students about the program's history and wished the students well with their studies.

This year's class, the 35th since the program was founded in 1984, has students from Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties. Eighty-three percent of these young people are high school dropouts, 10% have earned their GEDs, 57% of the current class have arrest records and 93% have current or past drug use issues. Although challenges are present, YATC will work with these individuals to give them a brighter future as productive, law-abiding citizens with marketable professional skills.

Graduate Spotlight: Jamal Stewart, Class of 2012

Jamal Stewart was 12 years old when his parents died. Suddenly on his own, he was sent to live with an uncle in Tampa to complete middle and high school. After finishing high school, Jamal moved in with his grandmother in Deerfield Beach and soon became good friends with his cousin Reggie Butler. Together they worked the late night shift at the Sun Sentinel warehouse. But their grandmother worried about how they spent their days and was concerned about their futures. When they learned about YATC from a family friend, the cousins decided to make a move to improve their prospects. They applied and were accepted to the YATC program in 2011.

Although Jamal had a high school diploma, his academic instructors developed an individualized educational plan to help improve his reading, language arts and writing skills. After graduation in 2012, he continued working at the Sun Sentinel and kept in touch with YATC, hoping for a position in the automotive field. When a porter position became available at Deerfield Beach Toyota, YATC recommended Jamal and he earned the job. Now the proud father of a daughter, Summer, Jamal values his job at Deerfield Beach Toyota and is working to advance to an express technician position.

"I could never say enough about Charles (Whitehouse), Roger (Lamoreal) and Loren (Kushner) and the entire staff at YATC," he said. "They taught me so much and the instructors had so much patience when I just didn't get something the first time around."

The 2013 Jim Moran Classic promises big fun to benefit the kids

We hope you will join us for a fun-filled weekend at the 2013 Jim Moran Classic. Not only will you experience an exciting weekend of golf and tennis with celebrity guests and activities for kids and teens, but you also will see how your generosity impacts the students and graduates of YATC.

At the Jim Moran Classic, you'll create lifelong memories while giving deserving young men and women hope for brighter futures. With your support, we will continue to honor Jim Moran's commitment to the kids. We couldn't do it without you!

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Remembering Our Founder

"Everyone has something they can contribute to their community. It isn't just about money. Every organization needs volunteers and concerned people to give of themselves -- in time, resources or caring about others."