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  • Purchase a set of textbooks used in auto technical class or GED preparation
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  • Allow two students to sit for the GED exam
  • Provide a week's worth of groceries for a student and family

…I can’t thank our supporters enough for making YATC the first and best school of its kind and giving disadvantaged kids a second chance at a positive future.



Work Adjustment

In the 20-year study, 89% of the students who graduated prior to 1997 were employed full time. Of those who graduated between 1997 - 2004, 85% were employed full time or in school. The majority of the graduates, 92%, worked between 31 - 40+ hours a week and 26% were supervisors or owned their own businesses. Also notable is that 82% of the employed graduates were either very satisfied or satisfied with their jobs.

Educational Interests & Accomplishments

In the 15th class that graduated in 1994, the average grade level attainment upon entering was 6.6 and upon graduation 8.2. In the graduating Class 25 of 2004, the average grade level upon entry was 5.8 and upon graduation 8.6. This reflected solid academic progress during the course of the program. A third of the graduates planned to attend school in the future, 16% were presently attending school and 52% of the graduates prior to 1997 had already attended school.